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Mail Order Bride - Westward Winds

By: owen p maskey

  • Historical
  • Western


Bored socialite Tessa craves love and adventure, and finds it when she travels to Montana and becomes a mail order bride to Montana rancher and widowed father Dean Samuels. Can this pair — as different as night and day — find love?

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Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend

By: Amy Brent

  • Bad Boy
  • BDSM
  • Billionaire
  • Contemporary
  • New Adult

$3.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jan/20/2018)

He’s the one who went away. 
After…knocking me up! 

I knew I shouldn’t have,
And yet I did.
He’s the town troublemaker, a ripped alpha male who is nothing I need,
But everything my curves crave.
He’s got the reputation of a bad boy who works hard, and plays harder.
And yet I can’t resist his body
Which is as bitingly hot as his tongue.
Worse…he’s my brother’s best friend.

Our attraction is instant,
Our troubles are immediate.
To add to it,
I can’t trace him once my brother finds out about us.

I need to find him and let him know that…
He’s the father.

This is messed up, way too messed up!

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Stone Guard

By: Emma Alisyn

  • Fantasy
  • Interracial
  • Paranormal
  • Shifter

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jan/20/2018)

A single mom becomes a fighter to survive her lover’s war-like world. A royal warrior sworn to protect the gargoyle Prince wavers in his duty when the woman he loves is threatened.

If he can’t protect them both, one of them may die—the choice between love or duty may cause him to lose everything.

If you love stern, broody alpha males with wings, who fight hard and love even harder, you’ll enjoy Stone Guard. Book 2 in the Warriors of Stone series, it is a steamy paranormal shifter romance with a HEA. Read now because this is a world and a fiercely real romance with a strong, curvy woman you don’t want to miss. You’ll be instantly immersed in futuristic tech, shifter magic and heady passion.

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Mortis Series

By: JC Diem

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal

$7.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jan/27/2018)

Reluctantly turned into a vampire, Natalie Pierce must fumble her way through the dark and dangerous underworld. Luc, a vamp version of a cop, becomes her guide during this journey. She needs all the help she can get when she finds out she’s linked to an ancient prophecy that could mean the doom of her new kin. This bundle contains books 1 – 3.

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Stirred (A Forbidden Sips Bad Boy Romance)

By: Sylvia Kane

  • Bad Boy
  • Contemporary
  • New Adult


Victoria’s always been in control of her life. Always made the right decisions. She’s always stayed on the straight and narrow.
Until now.
She shouldn’t have even risked being seen in a seedy male strip club, but as the night spins out of control, the temptation of a fling with a sinfully hot male stripper is too much to resist.
She should stay away. That’s what the old Victoria would have done. But the way he looks at her – the way he touches her – she can’t say no. Something about letting this forbidden man claim her innocent body feels so right.
She could ruin her career, ruin her family’s reputation – but she can’t help herself. She’s hooked. She wants to be ruined.

Bradley knows that Victoria’s out of his league. She’s a corporate tax attorney, and the daughter of a prominent man. There’s no way she’s going to go for a guy like him, a guy who does filthy things on stage in a smoky nightclub after dark.
But he doesn’t care. She’s going to be his. She just doesn’t know it yet.

This is a 60,000+ word standalone novel, with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and an HEA.

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Saving Mel

By: Rye Hart

  • Adult
  • Bad Boy
  • Contemporary
  • Erotic
  • New Adult


A winter blizzard brought Melanie to the doorsteps of my cabin.

Before the delicate beauty came into my world…
All I gave a damn about were the orphaned kids under my care.

Now, the sight of her alone and afraid puts my inner beast into overdrive.
She’s running from her past.
And, a man with a death wish wants to harm her.
I’ll protect and safe guard her.

He has no clue who the f*ck he’s messing with.

This book is on sale. Check it out now!


By: Mia Ford

  • Bad Boy
  • Billionaire
  • Contemporary
  • New Adult
  • Suspense

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jan/31/2018)

Mr. Tanner was my dad’s best friend and I can’t get him out of my head and …

I know I should stay away from him.

And age difference isn’t the only thing that is concerning.

He parted ways with my dad,

And I can’t seem to get enough of his seductive smile.

Oh…those baby blue eyes and HARD abs..

Trust me, they are a treat to watch, and touch, and feel…

It’s fun for now, but I want to enjoy it forever.

I mean…I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right.

Only if Daddy stops coming in between us. 

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